Through persistence in collaborative innovation with customers, global research and development network, and close cooperation with partners, we make continuous efforts in exploring new markets to realize the goals of satisfying the customers' demands in a rapid manner and creating new value together with customers. 

According to the basic mode of "integrated R&D and collaborative innovation", we comprehensively integrate resources of the government, enterprises, higher education institutions, and research institutes. Aiming at marketization and industrialization, we are specialized in new product research and development, key technology breakthrough, and application development, involving renewable energies, smart power grids, water treatment, power generating equipment, power tools, ships, garments, textiles, and other important business fields. We have established SINOMACH New Energy Research Institute, provincial solar energy power system engineering technology research center, power tool engineering technology research center (provincial enterprise technology center), provincial industrial design center, power generating equipment technology research center, (provincial enterprise technology center), textile and garment technology R&D center, and ship engineering design and research center, having formed sustainable research and development mechanism and platform. 
We currently have: 
• 2 nationally recognized laboratories
• 2 recognized enterprise technology centers in Jiangsu Province
• 2 engineering and technological research centers in Jiangsu Province
• 1 enterprise graduate student center in Jiangsu Province
• 1 recognized industrial design center in Jiangsu Province
• 1 unit undertaking special fund project regarding transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu Province
Through close cooperation with many famous certification and testing institutions, we have accumulatively obtained more than 200 scientific and technological patents. 

Cooperated institutes and colleges

  • Underwriter Laboratories Inc.
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • Intertek Testing Services
  • Technischer überwachüngs Verein
  • TÜV SÜD Certification and TestingCO.,ltd.
  • BureauVeritas